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The Experience of having a Facial S-Lift

Jan of Sydney underwent an S-Lift with Chin Liposuction. She is extremely pleased with the results and would gladly recommend this procedure.

I have been a patient of Dr. Roberts for 4 years. Dr. Roberts has carried out various procedures on my body in that time. We have developed an extremely comfortable ‘Doctor-Patient’ relationship over these years and I feel more than confident in trusting Dr. Roberts’ guidance on any issues.

I work in the hospitality/entertainment industry – my face is my business. Nobody wishes to be greeted by a face that portrays gloom and doom, when one's heart is feeling warm and welcoming.

Yes! “Gravity was taking its toll”. I turned 55 in January and being a very active lady professional and socially my appearance is extremely important. I realised the time had come to seek further assistance.

When Dr. Roberts had completed my Botox injections, I was escorted to his office to commence a consultation on ‘S-Lift’ plus Liposuction for under the chin area. Dr discussed the procedure, side effects and the improvements I could look forward to. I viewed photographs of previous S-Lift patients and was informed that I could speak to someone who had previously had the procedure performed. Dr. Roberts fully informed me about the operation and gave me the opportunity to have anything re-explained that I may not have had a full understanding of. Costs were discussed along with pre and post-operative requirements.

I was informed by the receptionist that she would forward me a ‘Patient Instruction’ form. It is imperative that each and every one of the instructions is carried out. A blood test was required prior to the confirmation that I was a suitable candidate.

January 15th finally arrived – I felt quite emotional as I travelled by train to the city. On my arrival, I was immediately comforted by the theatre sister who gave me all the support I required.

Dr. Roberts took me to his office and once again when right through the procedure. On the completion of the conversation I signed the papers and it was now time to proceed. Firstly Dr used a texture pen to draw lines on my face and neck. I was assisted onto the operating table where IV and local sedation was administered. The duration of the operation was 4 hours and throughout this time I did not experience any discomfort. Both Dr. Roberts and his assistant were vigilant, compassionate and caring – constantly displaying regard to my needs.

On the completion of the surgery, I was wheeled to the recovery ward to be treated to a welcoming cup of tea and biscuits. On hour later my partner arrived and we walked to the Travelodge Hotel for my overnight accommodation in the city. My first post-operative appointment was 10am the following morning.

Armed with my post-operative instructions and medication it was now time to rest. To my total amazement, I had a very comfortable night. Of course, I had been informed that the face would be bandaged in a full circle under the chin. I did not require any pain-killer medication that evening.

The next morning at my consultation Dr checked the bandages and asked numerous questions as to my wellbeing. Another appointment was made for 48 hours later to have the bandages removed. I felt no different to what I felt any other day – only I looked a bit decorative with the bandages. So I went and bought a scarf and sun hat, and my partner and I went for a harbour cruise to Manly for the day.

I continued with my post-operative instructions and by Thursday I couldn’t wait to get the bandages off. My face had a small amount of swelling (to be expected) and around my ears felt very firm. Wow! I couldn’t believe the transformation that had taken place. The stitches were to remain in for another week – I just combed my hair over my ears to conceal the wound. It was now okay to wash my hair. I honestly can’t recall a hair wash feeling so wonderful.

The week passed and as I had taken time out from work I simply enjoyed all the things one does when they are on holidays, especially swimming at the beach. My surgery had not inconvenienced me in any way or form.

Seven days later Dr Roberts removed the stitches. They had started to feel a little itchy over the past few days (it is a good sign of healing). The skin was a little red in colour and I had numerous scabs on the scalp and at the top of the ears. Dr suggested that Vaseline should be rubbed into the affected area, and within 2 days all scabs had vanished.

Dr followed through with the post-operative checking for the next three weeks. The scar has healed like an incision never took place – totally unbelievable. I am so thrilled with the results of the S-Lift, thanks to Dr Roberts.

NB. On reading this article, if you feel that an S-Lift is something you are considering and you would like to discuss any further details with me, I would be delighted to do so. The reception will organise it for you. If you wish to see my results in the flesh, that can be arranged. It is not only my loyalty to Dr Roberts that I chose to be his patient. His dedication, commitment and professionalism to his patients present a combination of a magnificent surgeon. In today’s world, these qualities are a very rare find.

Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.