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The Experience of having Laser Resurfacing

In August 1997, Sue, a Sydney nurse, had the procedure of laser resurfacing (full facial). The following is Sue’s view of before, during and after the procedure.


Regardless of why I was having this procedure, I had to have trust in Dr. Roberts and the people who work here. I shopped around and decided on Dr. Roberts because he was reassuring, open and obviously skilled.

I felt he explained all of the procedure, including pre-op and post-op, physical and emotional expectations. The photos he showed me were an excellent way for me to visualise what to expect. Also, this is recommended when having a consult because you get to see Dr. Roberts skill and success!

Because the staff are warm and interested in your needs, I felt that I could also talk to them about what to expect. They had good tips in dealing with tricky situations (what to tell others) and tips handed on to them from previous clients. Speaking with a person who had the procedure at the centre was another important step in my decision making.

I wrote a list of questions during my wait and ended up talking to everyone ‘till I felt confident and assured that I was doing the right thing. I was excited and scared and questioned my motives but this, I believe, is part of the process. Having a positive attitude and being a confident person by nature helped. It was important for me to tell a few people close to me who I knew would be supportive.

The week prior I cleaned the house, soaked the garden, stacked the fridge and cupboards and hired 10 videos!


The first step of the procedure that I recall is sitting in Doctors’ office while he drew lines all over my face. This, I thought, would have been an excellent “before” shot as I glance in his mirror on my way to surgery.

I remember the nurse being really relaxed and quietly efficient at putting me at ease as the Doctor inserted the little medication in my hand. Doctor was equally reassuring as they explained everything to me.

Twilight sedation is a fantastic thing in that it makes everything go fast in retrospect and during the procedure, I didn’t feel any pain because your face is numbed by the local anaesthetic. I was warm, comfortable and aware in a floating, fuzzy way.


Later in the Jason Recliner (and an orange juice) I remember the bandages and my face feeling full. Actually it was very, very red and swollen when I sneaked a peak waiting to go home.

The girls were so lovely helping me into a cab. The look of me scared the driver no end, which I found most amusing! On the way home I felt relieved that the surgery part was over. I planned to take the analgesia (pain management) as prescribed by the doctor and went to bed very early to rest.

Looking at myself in the first three days was frighteningly funny. At no stage did I have doubt that the swelling and consequent distortion would last forever. As the old skin came away I became so excited seeing beautiful smooth skin underneath. I was so impatient to get the bandages off. Apparently, my swelling wasn’t bad at all and when the staff remarked on this at my first post-op visit I knew I was on my way to recovery.

Getting the bandages off was heaven. I was all patches, but I was amazed at my new skin underneath. The doctor explained as he did thoroughly at every visit, what to expect with each stage of skin recovery and healing. The staff had kept in contact with me by phone throughout and I kept right out of the daylight and received guests to entertain me. Back at work 2 weeks later, no one noticed the redness.


In the first week my skin was like tissue paper on the surface. A slight scratch would cause my skin to tear and bleed, so no picking! I got little white pimples which I wanted to “get at” but couldn’t. In the second and third week, pigmentation stripes appeared like faint “tiger strips”. These and the pimples are a normal part of healing. I needed a gel to clear this and reassurance too.

By day 10 I was red faced, needing a little make-up and lots of block-out. I looked fantastic, but as though I was sunburnt. Within two months I had dewy soft, clear, beautiful skin, thanks to determination and confidence in the staff. It was the right decision for me at this time in my life.

Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.