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The Experience of having Liposuction

Jan of Sydney underwent Liposuction of the inner and outer thigh and knee area. She is extremely pleased with the results and would gladly recommend this procedure.

My personal problem had been depressing me for many many years (I just kept covering it up with clothes). No matter how much I dieted or cut out the intake of fats nothing ever changed in that area.

Now the advertisement was looking me in the eye telling me to make a phone call to the Cosmetic Medical Centre.

Next morning a phoned and spoke with Amanda. The customer service was outstanding. By the next day, I received numerous brochures and literature through the mail verifying what Amanda had discussed with me.

I felt very excited so I rang back immediately and made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Roberts.

The week couldn’t pass quickly enough. I was so proud of myself that I was finally doing something about my complaint. Talking with someone who cared and could offer me help was a step in the right direction.

Thursday 4pm arrived and I was now putting a face to Amanda’s voice and I was also introduced to Katy. How special these ladies made me feel as we chatted in the reception area whilst waiting for Dr. Roberts.

The consultation took 1 hour and in that time Dr. Roberts thoroughly explained the procedure and gave me the opportunity to ask all the questions that were on my mind. He examined my problem area and told me what results I could expect. I was captured by Dr. Roberts’ professionalism. At no time was I made to feel like just another patient on a conveyor belt. Dr. Roberts enquired of my current health, previous operations, allergies if any and my age. He did a thorough routine investigation on me to attain if I was going to be a suitable candidate. He explained the very low risks that go with the procedure, informing me that throughout his 25-year career he had never experienced any problems with his patients. After a thorough and informative consultation Dr. Roberts gave me a referral to have a blood test, should I decide to proceed. He also discussed the cost.

As I left Dr. Roberts room and headed to the reception I knew I wasn’t going to procrastinate for one more minute. My mind was made up that this was what I had been hoping for to change my appearance. On returning to Amanda I immediately made the appointment for the procedure to take place (pending the blood test results) for the first available date. Amanda explained I needed to purchase a compression garment as this has to be worn for 3 weeks after the surgery to enhance the results. A script for antibiotics was given and I had to purchase Betadine Body Wash to bathe myself in for 3 days prior to the operation. I also took Arnica 6C for the week leading up as this product helps to eliminate and bruising.

The following day I went and had my blood test, and in less than one week Amanda wrote to me confirming my appointment as my blood test was perfectly clear.

On the morning of the procedure as I sat alone on the train taking me to Sydney I began to feel OH SO NERVOUS!!!

How I wanted a hand to reach out and support me. By the time I reached Dr. Roberts’ rooms nerves had now teamed up with emotions and I began to cry. Immediately I was comforted by the caring staff and that hand I needed on the train was right there to reassure me.

I was escorted to Dr. Roberts’ office and once again he went over the full procedure, completely informing me of what was ahead. I was then given literature to read on the events to follow and signed the paperwork with Dr. Roberts knowing I had a full understanding.

Two photos were taken front and rear view of my problem area. Dr. Roberts drew markings on the area to be treated with a texture pen.

Mary then escorted me to a change room where I removed all my clothes and jewellery, and placed on a surgical gown. I then emptied my bladder. A locker was given to me for all my belongings and valuables to be placed in.

On entering the theatre Dr. Roberts asked me to remain standing whilst he painted my body from just below my waist to my tippy toes (with antiseptic). On completion, I climbed up onto the table. Mary was constantly talking with me and explaining every move that was going to take place, reassuring me and making me feel so very relaxed. I was given a mask to place over my nose and mouth and as I breathed its effect was like sedation.

Dr. Roberts returned to the theatre and began his 2½ hour resculpting of my inner thighs, outer thighs and knees. I was totally aware of the surroundings and at NO time did I feel any pain or discomfort. To be perfectly honest I received more attention and pampering then what a five-star hotel would offer. There was no fear in me at all, and both Dr. Roberts and Mary remained closely by my side keeping a vigil over me. I was drowsy, but very comfortable. As time passed I began to become more alert. Mary offered me a hot cup of tea and biscuits, which were extremely appreciated as fasting for 6 hours prior to the procedure is part of your preparation.

My friend who was picking me up was phoned and by 4pm I was preparing myself to go home.

Now only having been used to wearing very loose fitting clothing for so long to hide everything – I was now dressed in a compression garment covering my body from waist to just below the knees. If I can describe this feeling as likeness to putting on a girdle or corset. It is most essential that this garment be worn for the next three weeks to give support, and plays a major role with your results. Yes, I did find this suit a little difficult to adjust to at first, but as the time passed it soon became part of me.

Instructions given to me were to go home and rest, elevate the feet with a pillow whilst lying on your back and do NOT remove the compression garment. A slight weeping from where the incisions took place in your body is most likely. These incisions are no bigger than a freckle and disappear with time. My next appointment was 4pm Thursday (48 hours later) to return to have the dressings removed from under my compression garment. Should any post-operative pain occur you can take Panadol (which I did not require). Take your antibiotics as directed until the course is complete. Eat as normal and drink plenty of water. Just sponge yourself over for the next two days – do not shower or bath. Over the next two days my compression garment was removed for the first time by Dr. Roberts – the dressings taken off (which were a little soggy from the fluid). My legs felt so very light and already I could see a change in my shape – but this was only early days (“remember”).

You didn’t become that shape you were unhappy with overnight and after your Liposuction procedure, it is an ongoing improvement for the next 3 months or more. Dr. Roberts was very happy with me and I was very happy with Dr. Roberts. All I wanted now was to go home and take a shower! That was the only time for the next 3 weeks that the garment was to be removed (while you shower, then immediately put it back on). The garment has an open crotch area that makes it possible for you to go to the toilet without removing it.

I returned to work on Saturday morning where I hold a professional position in the hospitality industry. I had a wedding to host on that particular day and I felt just as normal with my health and wellbeing as any other day. Three weeks later I returned to Dr. Roberts for the second check-up. A slight bruising had appeared on my legs over those past weeks but was now fading. Both Dr. Roberts and I were very pleased with the results so far. I just couldn’t stop looking at my legs and feeling this new shape. It was time now for the garment to be permanently removed (what a great feeling), but strangely enough, I missed it for the first couple of days as it had become a part of me.

It is now 4 months since my operation took place and my last check-up will take place next Tuesday. I am so anxious for Dr. Roberts to see what a wonderful result he has produced.

I am totally ecstatic with my new shape. My self-confidence has sky rocketed and not wanting to sound vain, but the compliments received are so encouraging. I will be forever thankful to Dr. Roberts.

Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.