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Lunchtime Rhinoplasty

Plastic Surgeon

The latest and effective way to improve the shape of your nose is to use fillers in conjunction with Botox. The nose is the central feature on our face and a difference of a few millimetres can significantly alter your overall appearance.

The beauty of the injections with fillers is that you can see the difference almost immediately and the longevity of the product in this specific area can last for around one year, or more. Your body will eventually reabsorb the filler and you will need another session, but because we are using only a small amount of filler, we can use the same vial a few times without any additional cost. The usual cost for 2-3 sessions is only $350.

We have a variety of fillers and we always chose the best for the specific demand.

It is important that the procedure is done by someone with great experience. Dr. Roberts has been doing injections for 25 years.

We usually prefer to use topical anaesthetic cream or ice to reduce the pinprick sensation.

Fillers may be especially suitable for nose irregularities and reshaping curves because of their plumping and volumizing effect.

The most common indications for ‘lunchtime’ nose injections are:

    - Altering the angle and shape of the tip of the nose
    - Straightening out lumps, bumps, and hook noses
    - Contouring the shape to improve profile
    - To improve nose deviations and sidewall depression
    - To improve wings, we usually use Botox

However, if you wish to significantly alter the shape or size of your nose with permanent results, you will need a traditional surgical operation. In summary, the method which is best suited for you depends on your features, the level of augmentation, your desire, and your budget.


Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.