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Options of Face Lifting

Face Lifts

Face-lifts improve the supportive soft tissue underneath the skin to reverse the position of loose skin and muscles, and remove the effects of ageing such as a tired face. It also helps smooth the skin, removing folds and wrinkles, and re-establishes youthful facial contours and gives definition to the neck and jaw line.

Face-lifts are suitable for majority of patients even to some patients at the age of their 30s and 40s. For younger patients, there are minimal invasive options such as short scar face-lift, or an S-Lift. For older patients with heavier or sagging features, there is a more extensive face-lift with liposuction of the face and neck. For skinnier faces, it may be beneficial to address volume loss, with a fat transplant into the face at the same time of face-lift.

We have to tailor the type of face-lift accordingly to the patient’s degree of loose skin, fatty tissue, muscles and patient ageing and expectations.

During the procedure, we have to lift and remodel the underlying facial soft tissue by applying specific sutures inside of the tissue and then re-drape the skin over these newly defined contours. The incision line on the skin runs from the hairline above the ear, inside of the ear and around the earlobe and is done in a very specific way causing the incision line to be invisible.

Usually more extensive surgical lifts can achieve more long-lasting results. A great majority of patients are coming for second face-lifts usually around ten years later. All the procedures are done under intravenous sedation and local infiltration and they are very comfortable for the patients.

Modern techniques with a laser as a cutting tool do not require an overnight stay in the hospital and generally two days later, Dr. Roberts will prepare to remove the dressing from the face. There is usually no bruising and the swelling is minimal, the patient can have normal activity 7 -10 days later.

Pain tablets are usually used during the first one or two days.

Thread-lifting gives only a short lasting improvement for months and a great majority of patients are coming in for proper face-lifts sooner or later.

Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.