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Should You Trust Your Doctor?

Trust Your Cosmetic Doctor

In a modern world, real women have been championing the skill not only of going straight from work to cocktails with the addition of heels or lipstick, but also with aesthetic/cosmetic procedures which can keep them more beautiful or refreshed.

Aesthetic procedures used to have very defined borders but now women know themselves better and have allowed themselves to be more versatile.

It is exciting to be involved in this aesthetic field for 30 years and to see how this area is still constantly changing.

Dr. Roberts has in his practice, not only three generations of women coming for aesthetic advice, but also patients coming to see him on a regular basis for decades. The bond and trust between a doctor and patient is very important.

For this reason, it is paramount to consult about your aesthetic issues with someone who has great experience in this area, has thousands of patients, has been working previously for many years in teaching hospitals and travels on a regular basis for cosmetic conferences around the EU and the USA to find out new technologies and ideas.

Recently, as the cosmetic industry is booming, we have an influx of new comers without any experience except for a few hours in a course who now claim that they are experts in this area. Their wealthy parents or partners bought them expensive lasers or equipment and they start to advertise how good they are. When I see the young doctor’s faces, what it means for me is their enthusiasm, but there is no way any experience. Some doctors are even so lazy that they do not want to work and they employ nurses or beauticians to work for them. On the other hand, some doctors are so crazy that they are performing procedures/operations every few days in different places flying thousands of kilometres away without paper follow up during the recovery period. This attitude is obviously a recipe for disaster… sooner or later.

I want everyone to look like themselves but a better, more refreshed or elegant version. I think the idea that beauty is only for the rich is ridiculous. I never talk down to someone because they don’t want to have an operation or bigger procedure. The option is still there in his or her hands, but why aren’t there options to have procedures that are more accessible, also elegant and well presented.

The aesthetic/cosmetic industry is like food - if you have an “appetite” for vegetable you do not need to have steak or, if you know you are going to have a rich dessert, you will get the chicken as a main. This means that sometimes, some small and simple procedure, especially with modern technology, can give you such great improvement that you do not need a face-lift or rhinoplasty.

Dr.Roberts’ philosophy is that if something like a simple procedure can give you inner confidence, then that will also automatically make you more optimistic and happy.

Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.