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Plastic Surgery for Face Lift, S-lift, Neck Lift and Nose Job

Face Plastic Surgery is one of the most requested procedures at Cosmetic Medical Centre. A facelift reduces the signs of aging on the face and neck. A facelift operation will give you a more youthful, refreshed complexion by reducing sagging skin, the appearance of wrinkles, jowls, sun damage and lines as well as excess skin. As we age,

  • Genetic factors
  • Lifestyle choices (smoking and excessive drinking)
  • Stress
  • Gravity pulling on our skin
  • Weather conditions (sun-exposure)
  • Pollution

All combine to loosen and sag our facial tissues (muscles, fat and skin) leading to loss of definition and a change of appearance. These changes that come with age deepen the folds between the nose and mouth and result in jowl formation around the jaw line where definition is lost.

Facelifts are most common in the age group between 40-65 years, the surgical method employed will depend on your physical features and specific areas to be targeted. During a face lift procedure the neck, chin and cheek areas tightened up and excess skin is removed wrinkles are smoothed out to hide the effects of ageing.

Other options available at Cosmetic Medical Centre are the minimally invasive Mini Face Lift (S-Lift Procedure or Short-Scar Face Lift) and Stitch Facelift. Dr. Andrew Roberts and the team at Cosmetic Medical Centre have vast international experience and will ensure that you are informed of the best procedure for you.


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Face Plastic Surgery Sydney – Wrinkles remove


 facelift surgery before and after

Facelift Surgery Before And After – Remove Wrinkles

Face Plastic Surgery Sydney – Face lift

facelift surgery before and after

Facelift Surgery Before And After

What is an S-Lift?

The S-Lift is a surgical procedure that provides elevation and repositioning of the soft tissue around the lower one-third of the face. This eliminates the loose skin on the face and around the jaw line. The S-Lift is usually combined with chin and neck Liposculpture at no additional cost.

The S-Lift originated about 20 years ago in Germany and has been popular throughout Europe ever since. Only in recent years have the details of the technique been shared with a small group of cosmetic surgeons. The results of the S-Lift have been impressive. The S-Lift is able to last as long and often longer that a conventional face-lift. The procedure can also be repeated in years to come.

S-lift surgery

s-lift surgery before and after

S-Lift Surgery Before And After

Complete face-lift surgery

complete facelift surgery before and after

Complete Facelift Surgery Before And After

Men face-lift surgery

men facelift surgery before and after

Men Facelift Surgery Before And After

Who needs to have an S-Lift?

This is an individual’s personal choice – if you feel you need one, then that should be the reason for having one. Do not ask a loved one whether you need one. Your children will say “we like you the way you are”. Your close friends will remark that one must grow old gracefully. It is your choice.

What is the best age to undergo an S-Lift

No specific age group is suggested, but usually S-Lift is done for patients 40 years and above.

How long does an S-Lift last?

The improvement lasts for many years. The skin will still age after the procedure is done, however, it will do so at a slower rate. Laser resurfacing may be needed at a later date.

 Advantages of the S-lift

¨ A natural look after the procedure (no wind tunnel effect of over-stretched skin).

¨ A short operation time.

¨ Minimal tissue dissection and a reduced risk of complications.

¨ No scars behind the ears and less hair loss. The S-Lift requires only a small s-shaped incision in front of the ear, leaving an imperceptible scar.

¨ Less bruising and swelling after surgery.

¨ A quick recovery time (days not weeks).

¨ Superior results for patients undergoing second or third face lift.

¨ No need for general anaesthesia.

¨ It’s affordable, at only a fraction of the price of a conventional face-lift.

What should be done just before the procedure?

¨ Usually the procedure is to be done in the morning. You must have nothing to eat after midnight the evening before the procedure.

¨ The head should be washed with a good medicated shampoo in the morning.

¨ Nail polish should not be worn.

¨ Light clothing should be brought to the clinic to be worn after the procedure.

 What happens during the procedure?

Dr Roberts will give the patient a detailed explanation of the extension of the cut in front of the ear and a diagram will be available. The skin flaps are stretched upwards and backwards, the excess redundant skin is trimmed, and the skin edges are stitched into place along the incision line. There are usually no drain tubes.

What can be expected post operatively?

Following the operation the patient should stay in our recovery room for about two hours. The patient will then be able to go home, but will not be permitted to drive.

The dressing should be worn for two to three days. During the first 24 hours following the procedure the patient will need to stay in a semi recumbent position, as the head, sides of the face and neck regions will be protected with dressings. Some assistance should be available at home. It is best to eat soft food and smoking should be avoided one month before and one month after the operation.

As the first 24 hours are a critical time, mild pain should be expected. This may disturb sleep and an analgesic tablet is often helpful.

After 24 hours the patient will be reviewed, and two to three days later the dressing is removed. After these dressings are removed the patient can shower and wash their hair. Showers are important every day to keep the suture line free of clotted particles.

What about swelling and bruising?

Swelling is minimal and will take approximately three weeks to subside. Bruising is very uncommon. Dr Roberts is the only surgeon in Australia using laser as a cutting tool instead of a knife. He has presented and proved the laser method during various International conferences for Cosmetic Surgeons as a more advanced technique over traditional scalpel surgery. The laser cuts and seals the blood vessels and as a result there is no bleeding during surgery and minimal post operative swelling. The laser is a safe and precise procedure, as the absence of bleeding during the operation means improved visibility for the surgeon and less need for electro cautery to control bleeding.

Some numbness or altered sensation in front of the ear lobes for about six weeks may be expected. The neck and cheek area will feel tight at first, however this will gradually ease.

Will there be a scar?

There may be tiny visible scars in front of the ear lobes. A good healer will have a very thin pale scar, however they are usually not visible after a few months. The stitches are removed within 7 days.

When can the patient resume work?

Patients will vary in the time they need to take from work or their usual schedule. Usually a patient will require 3-7 days off work, and this length of time before they appear in public. Make up should be gently applied in an upward direction. Tinting of the fair should not be done for 3 weeks.

What is the cost of an S-Lift?

About $7000 plus GST.

The total cost will be confirmed during the patient’s initial consultation. Medicare does not assist with the cost of this procedure.




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